These days, it’s easy for strangers to look up information about you online, and without you knowing how. With the necessary contact tracing policy requiring us to share our contact information to different establishments, it isn’t unlikely for strangers with malicious intentions to get a hold of our private information to reach out to us.

And in case you didn’t know, people can actually look you up on Facebook not only by searching your name but by using your contact information like e-mails and phone numbers. If you have been getting a surge of friend requests from random strangers, one way to ensure that you won’t be searchable through your contact details is to turn this feature off. 

Here’s how you stop people from searching you on Facebook using your mobile number:

1. Go to Settings.

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2. Under Settings, go to Privacy Settings.

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3. Under Privacy Settings, go to the section ‘How People Find and Contact You’ and select ‘Who can look you up using the phone number you provided?’

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4. Choose the ‘Only Me’ option.

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You can repeat the same process if you wish to change your settings for your e-mail.