DAILY COVID-19 BULLETIN. The Department of Health's (DOH) bulletin on the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic on Friday (Feb. 5, 2021). The DOH reported 397 new recoveries and 1,894 new cases of Covid-19, with the country's overall infections now at 533,587. (Infographic courtesy of DOH)

MANILA – At least 397 individuals have recovered from the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) on Friday, bringing the country’s total recoveries to 488,274 or 91.5 percent of all Covid-19 infections.

In its daily Covid-19 bulletin, the Department of Health (DOH) also reported 1,894 new cases of Covid-19, with active cases now at 34,255 or 6.4 percent of all cases.

Out of the active cases, 89 percent have mild symptoms, followed by those with no symptoms at six percent, those in critical condition at 2.3 percent, those with severe symptoms at 2.2 percent, and those with moderate symptoms at 0.51 percent.

A total of 27,942 individuals were tested for Covid-19 based on reports collected on Thursday, with a total of 1,415 individuals testing positive or 5.1 percent.

Sixty-one individuals have also succumbed to the disease, bringing the total recorded deaths caused by Covid-19 to 11,058 or 2.07 percent.

So far, most of the country’s health facilities remain available, with a 60 percent availability for the country’s 1,900 beds at intensive care units, 65 percent availability for the 13,500 isolation beds, 77 percent availability for 6,000 ward beds, and 79 percent availability for 2,000 ventilators. (PNA)