It is obvious that mother and daughter are not that close but if Sharon Cuneta is to be believed it isn’t her fault.

In a lengthy exchange on social media with a concerned fan, Sharon addressed what has been apparent to everyone and for the longest time: that she and her daughter with Gabby Concepcion are indeed estranged.

In the discussion, Sharon made clear that if it is up to her, she and KC will still be as close as they were.

Sharon Cuneta

Not that she offered any clue as to the whys and hows of the situation.

With the fan suggesting that this might be because KC was raised by her lola, Sharon retorted: “Actually hindi ko maintindihan yung ‘laki sa lola.’

“Malaki yung naitulong ni Mama sa pagpapalaki ko sa kanya, pero kahit nagtratrabaho ako, napakarami ko din naman sinakripisyo maging health at tulog para sa kanya…”

“My mommy was a big part of her life, that is so true. But here is what people do not seem to hear from her granddaughter: SO. WAS. I.

“My other children seem to think I’m a good mother. So I take comfort in that. It’s sad that it is so easy for someone to forget everything I’ve done…”

With the fan insisting on her and KC to try and talk about their situation with a counselor, Sharon replied, “There is so much that you don’t know about what has happened between us…”

“Our doors have always been open, and our home, a loving one to her. So, if it is her decision to not be a part of OUR family, the one she grew up with, then there is nothing we can do or will do.

“Di rin naman namin ugali ang ipilit ang sarili namin sa di naman gusto sa amin kahit sino pa yon.”

The Megastar’s parting shot was quite telling.

She wrote: “Thank you for your concern. For everyone else: Be thankful that I am the kind of mother who will not open her mouth.”

KC Concepcion

Uh, is she addressing KC?

Her detractors?

Note that prior, KC has been posting videos of her bonding with Gabby, going on to express much love for him.

In a past interview, KC explained her relationship with Sharon and Gabby and the complication of living with two families.

She shared that she and Sharon mostly communicate via text messages.

“I always text her. Ganoon naman kami ever since, eh. Hindi talaga siya (mahilig) tumawag sa phone, but she’s always there naman,” she related.

“To be honest, siyempre it’s a little bit different kasi the children (mom’s side) are, well, malaki ang agwat namin sa isa’t-isa…16 years between Frankie and me, almost 20 years between Miel and me, and almost 24 years between Miguel and me. So it takes a bit of adjustment. I lived with them for only six years after my mother remarried my stepfather, then I left the house and went abroad (Paris) to study. My sisters and I do video calls but since they are mas younger than me, hindi ko pa rin magamay kung paano makikipag-bonding sa kanila.

“My mom naman and her family have their own schedule, they have their own ganap, and my Papa also has his own ganap. It’s a very interesting situation to be in the middle of two families na hindi magkaka-pamilya… ‘yung pamilya ng Tatay ko at ‘yung pamilya ng Nanay ko.

“Pamilya ko sila pero hindi sila magkaka-pamilya, so medyo balancing act talaga siya for me. It’s a different situation and I try to stay as neutral as possible.”